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Chronic pain for nearly 2 decades.  This is the ONLY thing I’ve found in my adult life that has given IMMEDIATE relief & ongoing progress.  Unreal.  HIGHLY recommend for rehab OR physical advancement.

Crux Climbing Gym Austin


Closest indoor climbing to downtown.  Great bouldering (with a cave).  Hard Auto-belay routes (12+) and lead routes.  Boom.

Amazon Echo Dot

Echo Dot:

V2 of Amazon’s “Alexa” voice recognition.  It’s now plugged into my stereo, controls my lights – and fumbles through my music.  LOVE it though.

FrontRowFactor Circle

Front Row Factor

Jon Vroman is the best question asker I know. His philosophy and this book are an amazing addition to my life. I’ll pay for your copy if you send a receipt to [email protected]