About Me

The chains of habit are too light to be felt until they’re too heavy to be broken.

Life is about relationships.

Every accomplishment in my life can be tracked back to the depth of a single relationship – or several.

I’m on a journey to find and build deep relationships with people that are passionate – in any area of life.  As an entrepreneur, I’m always excited to connect with people that are passionate about their businesses – unfortunately many aren’t.

Deep relationships are built – and thrive – in unique situations.

In my life, I chose to create unique experiences through intense physical adventure.   When you’re at the far end of your physical capabilities you discover who you are and what you’re made of.  This is as true mentally and emotionally as it is physically.  It’s at that moment that you find yourself interacting with another and learning who they truly are at their core.  It’s one of the most authentic, beautiful ways to connect.

Unique experiences with food, environment, curated people and mental / physical stimulation certainly serve this purpose as well – just in their own way.

So if we meet, ask me about my next adventure – and tell me about yours.  Whatever that may be.

The Canned, Obligatory Bio

A mountain climber, adventurer and entrepreneur at heart, Brad Weimert developed his entrepreneurial and marketing spirit from rich life experiences.

At the age of 20, Brad began breaking national sales records as the #1 sales representative in a company of more than 30,000 and continued to do so year after year.  In 2007, Brad crossed the country by bicycle, giving speeches to at-risk youth.

With a sound basis in sales and entrepreneurship, Brad founded Easy Pay Direct; a payment gateway that has since been touted as the most critical tool on the market to facilitate high-level eCommerce.

The Easy Pay Direct Platform currently serves more than 60,000 merchants.

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Brad Weimert Climbing Cayman Brac